VIDEO: When It Comes To Opposing The Olympics, Polar Opposites Seem To Attract

by Adam Reilly
Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Diehl says he’s worried about Boston 2024’s secretive M.O. “The common thread I think on the whole Olympics 2024 opposition, I think, is concern for the money, and then some of the lack of transparency, and what we have seen is the concern that we haven’t been getting the full information and forthcoming from day one.”

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The Real Diehl Report – #1

The first Real Diehl Report focuses on transportation more specifically the MBTA. A 2014 internal audit showed that the T doesn’t perform adequate inventorying of their fleet, doesn’t comply with federal transit authority guidelines and doesn’t properly verify use of vehicles by T staff. “Taxpayers are not going to read these internal audits, but they should know what is happening within the authorities and state government. My plan is to make our state more accountable and make sure our tax dollars are being spent wisely,” said Diehl. “The Real Diehl Report” will run every Monday on radio stations in Boston and South Shore. Diehl plans on updating them regularly.

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